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5/5/5 Project: 
Although we have had success with our 555 program ($71,000 raised over the course of 26 months), the leadership group of the project has decided to end the monthly crowd-fund project effective October 5. We seem to be much more successful in rallying for imminent last minute travel, and donors giving for particular families rather than as a pre-chosen group. 
We will complete fundraising for this cycle, but will not choose anymore families for 555. Donors who are set up with auto bill pay or auto-Paypal transactions should cancel those prior to October 5. We encourage you to continue giving for our families in urgent need directly to their FSP funds on our website. 

New Process for Travel Funding Requests:
The Board of Directors of Reece's Rainbow is pleased to announce the formation of a Funding Committee. While RR's focus has been and remains both on building grants for waiting children AND providing a tax-exempt way for families to fundraise while in process, we recognize that some families might experience financial needs shortly before travel. Rather than the informal requests of the past, the following procedure has been recently passed by the Board and will become the only way that families close to travel will be able to ask for pre-travel funding assistance via Reece's Rainbow's generous benefactors.
If you have been invited to travel to your child and need additional financial assistance, the Committee (consisting of 3 Board Members) will take requests prior to midnight on the 30th or 31st of each month. The Committee asks that you email with a brief explanation of the scope and reason of your financial need. Once per month, the Committee will then pass such requests onto private donors who have indicated they will consider such requests.

We must remind our families that no pool of unallocated funds has ever existed nor will exist within Reece's Rainbow to fund such requests. It is solely the discretion of our generous donors as to any gifts made for this purpose. The Committee and Board remind our courageous families that no guarantees of private donor funding before travel can be given. We do however pledge that all such requests will be presented equally, and funds placed in the family's FSP if received. 

We hope this new procedure answers your questions and streamlines this process at what is often a very stressful and emotion-filled time for almost-adopting families.
  • All requests turned in by midnight of the last day of the month 
  • Funding committing meets by the 5th day of the month
  • All requested needs sent to donors the same day the committee meets. 
  • Any and all allocated funds will be posted to the families FSP as they arrive. 
  • Donations are, as always, made at the discretion of the donors.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Andrea, Michelle or any Board Member at any time.

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