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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Friday the 13th

Usually, we all get silly nervous about Friday the 13th. But so far, THIS Friday the 13th has turned out to be an incredible day. So I had to blog about it!

First, we got confirmation of a committed family for Lera in Russia.

Then TATYA in Ukraine finds her family.
Then LILYA in Ukraine finds her family.
And the most amazing thing...little Timosha's (in Russia) birth family, who I have built a lovely personal relationship with, has decided to take their most loved son home with them.

Every child Reece's Rainbow has had the honor of serving, every child saved has beena reason to rejoice! But for a birth family to be so moved, to see new light and have renewed hope and faith in their Savior and His plans for their family through His gift of their child with Down syndrome...that is a true VICTORY! That is when I am the most moved, and I wanted to share this most joyous news with the world ;)

The message from Timosha's mother, who has also committed to serve the other children with down syndrome in his orphanage, and to help us get new photos and find families for them!:

"Andrea, I thank you for your prayers. Yesterday my husband has told that we will take away Timosha home!!!!!!! Since Monday we will start to make all papers. Also I hope that Christmas we will meet all together. I yet don't know, what will be our life, but I trust the Lord and I believe that with the Divine help at all of us it will turn out. All not casually also can children from our region can find family. I will do the utmost to update photos of other children. This smallest that I can make for them. I thank you, Andrea and if the help which I in forces to render is necessary to you, I will make it with pleasure."

This is why we do what we do!

Andrea Roberts, Executive Director
Reece's Rainbow

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