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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Friday Focus on Down Syndrome

RobertWhen Robert Pio Hajjar was born, the doctors told his parents to 'put him away and forget about him'. They painted a pretty grim picture of what his life would be like, filled with disappointment and unfulfilled dreams. His parents disagreed. They said he was a gift from God and took him home.

You see, 29 years ago when Robert was born, he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and the doctors thought that meant his life would never amount to anything. But Robert's parents didn't accept that 'life sentence' and neither did Robert.

He has more than proven the doctors wrong. Things that others may have done quicker, he still accomplished. He graduated from High School, he's been a CAS volunteer since 2001; he holds a Special Olympics record in 25 metre freestyle; he plays golf, hockey and baseball and was best man at his uncle's wedding.

In 2006, through a special conversation between Robert and his Aunt, was born. It began with his life savings of $62.05 and his desire to help others like himself.

“You will never be happier and God will be very happy too"
are the words Robert used to convince his Aunt to work with him to help him with his dream to educate others about disabilities, provide financial relief for those disabled individuals who have low incomes and to provide programs for learning for intellectually disabled individuals.

Today Robert is a motivational speaker seeking to educate people on the truths about Down Syndrome and other disabilities.


“You will never
be happier and God will be very happy too"......

Community Education
An unique approach to positively
re-educating mainstream society,
by publicly empowering persons
with intellectual disability,
makes Ideal-Way an outstanding
leader for the community of
persons that are intellectually

Relief of Poverty

To relieve poverty by providing
basic amenities, including food,
clothing and household goods to
low income individuals with
disabilities, in financial need
or of small/limited means.

Provide programs to persons with intellectual disabilities

Recreational Art &; Literacy programs on a Provincial level. Ontario wide Poetry Contest and Ontario Wide Art Contest exclusively for persons with disabilities. The IDEAL Penpal Program, TIPP, exlusively for persons with intellectual disabilities.

If you would like to learn more about IDEAL-WAY, I would encourage you to visit their web site, to learn how you can get the upcoming Ideal-Way cookbook and so many other opportunities. "Just Show Up" to the IDEAL Blog, as well! You will also want to see this video of Robert giving one of his motivational speeches!

Robert's Aunt, Addie Daabous says beautifully what Ideal-Way strives to accomplish when she says,

"Persons with intellectual disability have a rightful place in our communities and they have the capability to emotionally touch others. If we let them, they can be our teachers and lead us to what matters most. believes persons with intellectual disability should be 'part of the community', and not just 'in the community'."

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