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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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GUEST BLOGGER: Missy Colfack | We would do it over every year if we had too!

Many years ago I had the opportunity to work as a para at a school for children with special needs. I knew then that we were meant (called) to adopt, but had no idea where that would lead. At that time I came across Reece's Rainbow. I fell in love with their desire to help children with down syndrome be adopted and even though at that time I never dreamed we could adopt internationally we wanted to be a part of what they did.

We choose to donate to the Angel Tree because we loved filling our tree with some of the precious children. It is wonderful to look at them and know that some of them have a family now and we were a part of that!

It didn't take long and I was emailing Andrea on a regular basis to find out more about children that touched my heart. I would discuss it with my husband and we just could never figure out a way for it to work... we can't travel that far from home (we have never been on a plane), we can't be away from our children that long, we can't take that kind of time off, etc. So years went by and we continued praying to God if this is for us to lead the way.

I started to think maybe I was wrong and this wasn't our calling so I had to take some time away from the waiting list for a few months to help me understand what we were supposed to do. Then we got the email "Just two days until Angel Tree" Oh yes! It's time to choose a child or children to support. My husband and I went to see the children listed that Year. On October 30th, 2013 we saw her!! Could it be? We prayed and prayed and couldn't stop thinking about her. This was when we knew without a doubt she was OUR daughter! How? How can we travel that far, How can we afford it, How can we take that time off work? Well simply we had no idea. We took a leap of faith! We knew if it was God's plan he would find a way! It was a long hard, emotional journey, but worth every bit of it!!

We would do it over every year if we had too! She has brought so much to our family in just the 6 months she has been home. Soon we will get to celebrate her 6th birthday as a family, she will get to celebrate her birthday for the first time and get to see all of us celebrating her!!

We have spent many years watching our biological children learning to crawl, taking their first steps, getting their first tooth, and so on! Such an amazing thing to see. Now we see things much differently! The look when our daughter falls down and everyone rushes to her to comfort her because she never had anyone care, seeing her try new foods she has never seen and not being limited what she can eat, playing with brothers and a sister who will always be here and not watching as they are adopted and she remains, getting clothes and shoes that belong to her and not everyone shares, and so much more. Getting to see those firsts are heart wrenching and heartwarming at the same time!

By the support of many amazing people around the world and stepping up to choose a child to advocate for at Christmas time people like us get a chance to see our children. So if you have ever considered becoming an Angel Tree warrior please, please do it!! You will not go unnoticed what you are doing is HUGE! We were blessed by the crazy chance that our daughter's angel tree warrior is only a couple hours from where we live so not only did she do something amazing for our daughter but she has met her and will always be a part of her life.

We are so grateful for Reece's Rainbow and the Angel Tree because without them we would not be holding our daughter in our arms!! Our lives have changed....... we are BLESSED!!!

 Daddy's poem as we were waiting to bring Hannah "Susan" home:

From the moment we saw
your sweet little face
and read your file
you grabbed our hearts
and made us smile.

What started as a search
in donation to the *Angel Tree
turned into much much more
could it be?

On our knees
seeking guidance in Prayer
decision was made easy
Time to prepare.

Countless hours spent
on forms and writing
All in *Crazy Faith
WOW this is exciting!

You see faith sometimes
is not always knowing
or sometimes understanding
But having trust in
Gods hand and his planning.

Sweet little Hannah
Our love for you
is so strong
what seemed like forever
now won't be that long.

Times are getting a lot closer
can't wait for the day
your finally in our arms
where you belong
and stay.

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