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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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One Constant

The world we live in is ever-changing.  World crisis after world crisis.  Putin invades Ukraine.  ISIS on the march.  Ebola in the US.  Hunger, disease, poverty, war.  Even in our own families, we live with crises every day.  Life can feel very overwhelming.

One constant & recurring result of these world crises is that of ORPHANS.  And as overwhelming as THAT in and of itself may be, Reece's Rainbow is committed to doing our small part to rectify it.  1500+ orphaned children, born with Down syndrome & other special needs around the world, have found loving adoptive families with the help of Reece's Rainbow.  Every penny donated, every link shared or tweeted, has been life-altering for each of these kids.

Our Annual Christmas Angel Tree starts in just 16 days.  16 DAYS.  And we still have 106 waiting orphans who do not have dedicated warriors fighting for them during this 2 month project.    Being an Angel Tree warrior is so much fun!  It's a very meaningful and personal way to serve a specific child.  You're trying to raise $1000 or more for your chosen child from Nov 1-Dec 31. Social media is a tremendous tool (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email), and something you can do with little effort.

PLEASE CHOOSE A CHILD FROM THIS PAGE and help them fundraise during our Angel Tree! These kids should be in FAMILIES, not orphanages or mental institutions.

Unfortunately, those who do not have dedicated warriors by Oct 28 will not appear on the official Angel Tree page when the project starts.

Thank you and God bless!!

Andrea Roberts
Reece's Mom
Founder & Executive Director

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