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Meet the Colliers | Guest Blogger Erin Lafreniere | Reece's Rainbow

Erin Lafreniere is the Family Warrior for the Collier family. For more information on how you can become a Warrior please visit our Family Warrior page.

When Marc and Becky Collier first started talking about adopting, they decided that they would never adopt out of birth order and would never adopt a child with special needs. Now they have learned that they should never say never. The Colliers are adopting 7-year-old twin girls, Nadia and Nancy, to be big sisters to their sons Will (6) and Mike (4).

This change of heart was sparked by the example of Becky’s former college roommate, Jenny Nolan, who, along with her husband, adopted two boys with special needs, Oliver and Andrew. In January, Becky read a blog post written by Jenny, advocating for several waiting children. After praying for each child listed, Becky clicked the link for Nadia and Nancy a second time and her heart broke. That was the beginning of four very difficult months of seeking to discern and follow God’s will before she and Marc were ready to commit to adopting the girls.

Marc and Becky have moved to a larger house to accommodate the expected doubling of the number of their children. They have been working diligently on fulfilling the requirements for their home study and gathering all the documents needed for their dossier.

Becky Collier used to be a high school English teacher. She knows a thing or two about telling a good story. Her blog is found at It’s an unfolding story that you’re going to want to follow! Check out her blog and consider whether God is calling you to allow Him to work through you by supporting the Colliers in their quest to bring their precious girls from an institution to a nurturing home and a family that will cherish them.

Even if you are not in a position to adopt, Reece's Rainbow provides a very personal, meaningful, and powerful way to change the course of a child's life!

Prayer Warrior 

The Reece's Rainbow Prayer Warrior Ministry was created with three goals in mind:
  1. To lift the daily needs of each waiting child up in prayer
  2. To lift Reece's Rainbow up in prayer
  3. To lift the families whom God is preparing for each waiting child up in prayer

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel Project effort is to increase awareness and raise additional grant donations for our "Other Angels", those children with other special needs (not Down syndrome) who are also waiting for their forever families to find them.   There many “Other Angels” on our website in need of grant donations and adoptive families. 

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