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Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Today is a very special day for us at Reece's Rainbow! Today is the birthday of our Founder and Executive Director, Andrea Roberts! So, in honour of her special day, and because she doesn't like people making a fuss over her, we decided to just compile all our birthday wishes for her here in a blog post. ;) (PLEASE feel free to add your own wishes in the comments!)

Happy Birthday, Andrea!! It's been such a blessing getting to know you over the past four years and an absolute joy to work along side you for the past 18 months! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!!!

Love you!!

Debbie Hannon
New Family Liaison, Ukraine Coordinator

Happy Birthday, Auntie.
Thank you for helping mommy and daddy bring us home.
We love you!!

The Hannon Handful

Andrea, if not for you we would not have our beautiful Ukrainian daughter! I have been so blessed to be part of RR for the last 5 years and to work with you for the last 4+ years. You are an amazing person! Have a Great day!! Love you!

Nancy Thornell
HHA-US Ukraine Family Services Coordinator

Thanks a bunch for making so much love possible... Happy birthday and have some chocolate to celebrate!

Carla Dobrovits
RR Board of Directors

I can't express how much I admire you, Andrea. You are such an inspirational woman whom I am so blessed to call friend. I am beyond honored to be working for Reece's Rainbow along side you. Thank you for making SUCH a difference in my life and the lives of SO many children and families all over the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Love you!!

Stacia Hemmes
Asia Program

Andrea -- I knew, way back in 2009, that once I emailed you it would set things in motion, and we'd end up adopting. I never imagined that once we had Lilya home that I would get to be a part of the Reece's Rainbow team and work with you. So thankful for your vision, your heart for the children, and your friendship. Have a wonderful day! Love you!!!

Michelle Zoromski
Grants and Operations Manager

Happy birthday Andrea! Words can never express how grateful I am for you starting RR. Picking up an RR pamphlet started me on my journey. Without you, I would not have Bobby as my son and would be missing out on such a wonderful son. Your choice of campgrounds for the reunion this year also ended up allowing us to go to a host picnic which has lead to a brother for Bobby! I have enjoyed joining the RR team and look forward to helping more children find families. May you be blessed in all of your future endeavors!

Beth Baird
Asia Program

Happy Birthday Andrea!!! Enjoy your special day. I hope it is filled with Big Laughs and Great Fun! Meeting you for the first time face to face at the RR reunion was so awesome. You are truly a beautiful person with a huge heart, and your love for all these children amazes me.(( Auntie Andrea)) Happy Birthday!!!!

Love ya!

Laurie Rhoades
Prayer Warrior/Guardian Angel/Family Warrior Coordinator

Happy Birthday from Super Lu and the real Lu! To say that I love you is such an understatement. You've been a brilliant colleague (leader) and amazing friend these going on eight years! (Super Lu was evidence of this, knowing I couldn't attend the reunion but making a way to make me feel included from the other side of the world!) I am so honoured to work alongside you and the leadership team! All of us were hand picked by you and the love we all have for you and each other shows what a brilliant leader you are! Have an amazing birthday filled with blessings!

Love you!!

Lucille Brown
Director of Graphic Design

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