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Meet Joe | Guest Blogger Kaitlyn Sizemore | Reece's Rainbow

Meet Joe

I have been a Guardian Angel for this precious little boy since March of 2014.
His name is Joe is 3 years old and an orphan with a list of special needs (That I will show you later on in this post.).

His sweet photograph is enough to melt anyone's heart.  His chubby little kissable cheeks are so yummy and his yellow jacket make him look like a tiny bundle of sunshine.  His description listed on Reece's Rainbow says that he attention from his caregivers and try's to get it through wiggling his upper body and shaking his head.  And I can totally picture him doing those things.  He's such a love. <3

His picture is really what grabbed my heart, but after praying for him over for months, I have fallen more in love with his personality that is described on his listing,  He is an angel on earth and it's terrible to think that he is going to waste rotting in an orphanage.

 In his description it also explains that he likes soft smiles and he communicates with others with his eyes.  Just stop right there and imagine this for a moment...Joe..this little toddler, looking into your eyes.   What would you see?  Would you see the flashbacks of time after and after when he has watched others leave with their ba (father) and ma (mother)?  Would you see all the lonely nights he's cried in his crib for a hand that would hold his and tell him everything is okay? Would you see all his fears?  Would you see a child worth saving?   I don't think I would, because I already do.  Just by look in his eyes in the couple of photos I have of him.   He's an innocent child whom has never known what real family love feels like.

When my days are bad and I feel like giving up, he is the one that can motivate me.  He has so little, but finds joy in so many things.  He needs a baba and mama to love him for the rest of his life.  He only has a small paragraph description from when he was 10 months old, but he was described as incredible little man.
Aside from needing a forever family, right now he needs warriors.  We are his voice, his hope and chance at breaking free from the orphanage walls and into a forever family that will care for him properly.

If you're reading this right now there is a good chance that you are very capable of helping shout for him!  You are probably on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and you could copy this link and paste it onto your post on every or any one of those social networks!  You have the power to rescue a life at such a small cost of your time.  If it were you, you would want someone to do the same, right?  I would.

Prayer is the most powerful and effective way to help Joe.  God is watching over Joe right now, and wants to hear you call out to Him for his help.  He will carry Joe always. <3

International adoption can cost anywhere from $14,000-$60,000, that's not exactly cheap.
Reece's Rainbow has an adoption grant set up on Joe's profile.  All of the donations will be saved for his hopeful future adoption.  This is a huge part of the advocating role.  It's crucial to have a good amount of money in the grant because all too often families decide to add another child onto their already ongoing adoption and the only way that is possible usually depends on the amount saved in a child's grant. 

Right now Joe has a total of $40.50 in his adoption grant.  That's a long way away from even scratching the surface of an international adoption cost.   As I plan for future fundraisers to help that grant grow I'd like to invite you to make a donation of any amount to Joe's grant.  It doesn't have to be now, not today, it can be when you get paid or have enough extra to donate.
I am incredibly grateful for any amount!  It means more than I can describe, just to watch God touch hearts and change lives of the less fortunate.  Thank you, thank you one million times!  :) <3

CLICK HERE if you are interested in making a donation to Joe's adoption grant.

I keep referencing to the description of Joe's and by now you're probably curious and anxious to read the whole thing yourself, so wait no more here it is below:

"Boy, born Feb 2011
1.postoperative meningocele on lumbosacral area; 2. postoperative prolapse of rectum; 3. strephenopodia of both feet.

Joe has a ready smile, he watches what his caregivers are doing and gets their attention by shaking his head and wiggle his upper body. Perhaps because of his body, he prefers to have motion of upper body, shake head, wiggle body and roll over to one side etc. Now he is 10 months old, can sit alone, can say ba and ma, likes colorful toys; he likes to be close to others. He always communicates with others with his eyes and has sweet smiles."

.......What do you think?  He's pretty wonderful, isn't he?

Please take note of the ways I shared with you to help him.  You really are his voice and you really are helping save his life.  I promise you. :) <3

CLICK HERE to visit Joe's profile on Reece's Rainbow

Don't hesitate to message, email or comment me any questions you have!  If I can't answer them, I will find someone who can!  Don't forget to share and pray for little Joe(y)! Thanks for reading! :)

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