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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Families Wanted Needed | Reece's Rainbow

These children are in what we call our 'At Risk of Aging Out' category. They are the kids that need families as soon as possible to avoid a life sentence in an institution.

Please can you help us to find families for these children? Each photo is sharable and when you share them on your social media you are sharing their profile page on Reece's Rainbow, not just their photos.

I've asked for people to join me in a challenge, to choose one of the children on our At Risk group and once a day for the next 30 days, SHARE their profile. That simply put means, clicking on the share button 30 times over the coming month. That is a pretty easy thing to do but could literally mean the difference between having a family or never leaving the institution for these kids.

These teenagers need to be adopted before their next birthday, or they will no longer be available for international adoption. In some cases, the paperwork needs to be filed for immigration before their birthday — and in some cases the adoption needs to be finalized.

Please inquire if you believe you could work quickly to complete an adoption and save one of these older children and give them the family every child deserves.

If you are able to join me in this challenge, THANK YOU!

Lucille Brown
Director of Graphic Design
Reece's Rainbow

*** Edited to change the spelling of 'Ageing' to the American version, 'Aging'. My apologies for spelling it the English (British) way (I AM English/British but I try to keep all things RR American).

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