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Pumpkins & Orphans

I don't often get the chance to post on the RR blog, but I have some thoughts I want to share with you on this last day of October when pumpkins feature so heavily in our family "doings".  As we continue this season of harvest, falling leaves, Thanksgiving, reflect with me on Ecclesiastes 3: 1 & 2.  

1To every thing there is  a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

Last weekend we took Reece & Owen to a pumpkin patch and corn maze at Crumland Farm in Frederick, MD.  It was COLD but sunny and the whole farm was really great.

They have a hayride/wagon/tractor that folks ride in to get to the fields, and they pick you up when you're done so you don't have to haul your pumpkin all the way back to the barn.  Thank God for little things! 

Despite all the cute pictures, Reece had been particularly "ill-behaved" in the first part of the visit, and I was in tears upset with him for acting like he was.  I was about to take him home in distress and miss the best part of the trip, but the hay wagon pulled up and I was like "forget it, we're here for pumpkins, so we're going to get pumpkins".  I cried all the way to the fields.  God often uses my lowest moments to show me meaning and an important message.  

We were there late in the season, so all of the largest and healthiest pumpkins were already gone.  Yet there were still SO many pumpkins out in the fields, waiting to be chosen.  Just laying there.  Hundreds and hundreds of them.  Many of them still on the vine.  Lots of babies that would never have the chance to grow to full size, and would be tilled up and forgotten by Nov 1. 

In typical fashion, Reece stomped through the prickly vines, crushing everything in his path (smiles) :), looking for whatever his mind deemed to be "the one for him".   (in hindsight, I think I will always wonder if he is just on auto-pilot or if he actually has a visual criteria in his mind of what he is looking for). 

*** MOMMY gently stepped amongst them, careful not to smush a single one under a careless footstep. :)  ***

I found myself really noticing just how unique each one was...size, shape, color....and for many of the those still out there, deformity and rot.  I could not help but see a child's face and life situation in each one of them.  Some growing beautifully, still green on the vine.  Some little ones that fit in my hand, picked by someone else and left to never grow.  Some BABIES, teeny tiny things, that because it was already late October, would never have the chance to grow at all.

Some great kid-size ones.

Some that had been picked, with a perfect skin and a perfect stem, but left in the middle of the road.   

 Some bizarre, tall, skinny ones! 

Some with "what in the world caused that?" skin conditions. 

                    Some albino ones!                                                                 Some with "birthmarks"

Some that were clearly deformed.          Some that were just a slightly different shade of orange. 

Some were beautiful & healthy, just hidden in the weeds and vines.  

But lots of pumpkins had been damaged. 
Bugs, birds, disease...picked up and dropped.  Holes kicked in them.  

Pulled off the vine of sustenance and left to rot.  Just like in orphanages.  "Fields of Emptiness".

Worthless.  Forgotten.  Discarded.  Remains.

 As I took all of this into my heart, (probably making more out of it than I should have but still moved by the connection), I looked out into the field to see Reece standing among the pumpkins.  Reece is one of them.  A special, unique "pumpkin" in a field full of other "pumpkins" just like him.  A pumpkin that is strong as an ox, with a will to match, a patchy head of hair and a heart of gold.  A pumpkin whose smile and giggle can light up a room.  A pumpkin that is thriving in the sun, loved and cared for, ripening and growing on the vine of his family's love.  A pumpkin who might have been left to die if he'd been born in a different " field".  I'd been so angry at him, at God, just 20 minutes earlier, ready to give up on the whole day.  But God needed to remind me of His "field of pumpkins" so that I could share with all of you.

The life of every pumpkin (child) has meaning and purpose.  A FAMILY changes everything!!  Please think of and pray for the "pumpkins" waiting at the end of Reece's Rainbow as we go into this season of thanksgiving and the celebration of new life!   Though the farmers will till their fields under on November 1, Reece's Rainbow will begin our biggest advocacy event of the year for our 2013 ANGEL TREE.  Join us in TENDING OUR GARDEN so that each waiting child can find a family of their own.  


Andrea Roberts
Founder & Executive Director
Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Grant Foundation

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