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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

The month of October is the National Down Syndrome Awareness month in the US. Well, we are celebrating and raising awareness with several opportunities and would like you to join us! 

SO EXCITED! Reece's Rainbow is excited to announce we will be partnering with Paper Clouds Apparel on a fantastic fundraising campaign. They take art created by those with special needs, transfer the art to shirts, hats and canvas bags which are sold on their website for a two week period (Ours being Nov 25-Dec 9) and 50% of the proceeds go to Reece's Rainbow ! If you would like to see if your loved one with special needs can have their art featured on a article please SCAN and email the art to with the subject being "Reece's" and do so by Oct 25th. Thank you so much and this is going to be so much fun!
Check out Paper Clouds Apparel on youtube!

Ruby Tuesday presents a celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month! All Ruby Tuesdays in Virginia, Maryland and DC are participating! Visit our site to find out more!

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month! These shirts & gear are just perfect to raise awareness! DOWN RIGHT PERFECT!

Sign up to represent Reece's Rainbow at your local Buddy Walk! One of the *easiest* and most fun ways YOU can make a difference for Reece’s Rainbow is by setting up an RR table at your local area Buddy Walk/ Step Up/ Golf/ Adoption/ Fall event!

This year is our biggest Angel Tree yet! We have over 200 children on our Angel Tree this year! The Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree starts in 20 days! YOU can still make a difference ... There are many children who still need a Christmas Warrior. Click on links to see which children need warriors. If they don't have the GREEN I have a warrior button, they need one!!! Your goal from Nov 1st - Dec 31st is to raise $1000 and advocate like crazy! 

Here are the boys:

Here are the girls:

Sign up here:

Just one $5 donation from each of you can fund RR for the next 6 months! Please help!
Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome... ~ Andrea Roberts

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