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Meet the Angel Tree :: Levi

We will be meeting some of our Angel Tree children from now til the end of the Christmas Angel Tree. Our warriors are indeed the hardest working people we know! So, be sure to check back every day to meet more of our children on the Angel Tree and be sure you visit the Angel Tree to see which children need your help most to meet their Angel Tree goal of $1000!

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 A word from Levi

Hello Everyone,

    My name is Levi and I am a whole 3 years old soon to be 4 years old. I kinda have a super cool story, I live in Ru*sia, but SURPRISE I am Asian. Crazy Cool right? Anyways, the big guy upstairs thought that I was so special that he needed to bless me with an extra chromosome. I guess he new that the world needed my handsome face to spread joy everywhere I went. My only problem is that I am stuck in this orphanage.Why would I be stuck there you ask? Well where I live they don't quite think I am as special as God does. You see they think there is something "wrong" with me. They think I am some sort of mistake, but you don't think that right? I know my Angel Tree warrior Chelsea doesn't.

    Anyways the place I live gives me the basic care, but I really wish I had a mommy and daddy of my own. I think I would totally rock at the whole being a son thing. Like I mentioned earlier I will be 4 soon so that means that I might have to go to the bad place. That's the place where they send all of my friends when they turn 4 or 5. The bad place is code for an Adult Mental Institution. If I go there I will be confined to a crib almost all day for the rest of my life that is if I make it. 90 percent of my friends who have that same extra special chromosome like I do don't make it past the first year but I'm hoping and praying for the best. Chelsea is doing the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree fundraiser for me this year and her goal is to raise $1,000 for me to help with the cost of my adoption when my forever family finally notices me. She has until Dec. 31 and so far has on raised $256 but I know that it will all work out. If you donate $35 you get an ornament with my face on it which I think is pretty cool. If you can't donate right now I understand, times are hard. If you would though can you share this post so maybe someone else might be able to donate and PLEASE more then anything just pray for me.

   Well thanks for listening to me, Chelsea is going to put a link to my donation box down at the bottom if you would like to donate to me or if you would like to learn more about my friends that are on Reece's Rainbow and still need families too.

Here is my link To Reece's Rainbow that I was telling you about

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