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As One We Can :: The Doyle Family

Shane and Carey's Dossier is in country and has been submitted, they are traveling THIS WEEK! This is such an exciting time for their family! Please join the Reece's Rainbow family in showing support for this family. You can make your tax deductible donations to their Family Sponsorship Page!


Shayne and Carey were only dating six weeks before they got engaged and were married the following year in 2001. Carey had a miscarriage in 2003 and was devastated. They were fortunate to have five children together all in rapid succession. Gannon (7) was born on Carey’s birthday and started what would become a mission to fill their life with many children. Cullen (6) and Cecelia (4) were the next to arrive. In 2009, they found out that the daughter they were expecting had Down syndrome. They knew that their lives were changing with the addition of a fourth child. Shayne and Carey were surprised that life got so much better when Stefina (aka: Stefi -2 ½) came into this world. Declan (3 months), is the newest addition.

Two years ago, Carey found Reece’s Rainbow through her online support community and has been hopeful to find the next Doyle. On December 23, 2011 Carey and Shayne were shopping with Carey’s mother, when they saw another adoptive couple with two small boys from the Ukraine in their cart. Carey stopped in her tracks and initiated what would be a life changing conversation in the middle of a Sam’s Club! Five days later, Carey couldn’t stop thinking about Kate. She logged onto Reece’s Rainbow to look at the sweet girl realizing it was actually Kate’s birthday. The fact that she probably didn’t even know it was her birthday really upset Carey. She imagined the amazing life Kate would have being a Doyle. They weren’t expecting to be on this journey so soon after having a new baby but, they have come to realize that it’s not about them. It’s all about Kate! She has been in Carey’s heart for a very long time. With the addition of Kate & Dasha they can be certain that their next child will be just perfect!

The Doyle Family will be traveling this week.
They are $13,000 short of being fully funded.
As one we can help them bring their beautiful blessings home.

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