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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

8:06:00 PM

Feels Like Home

Dear Friends of RR,  today we posted a brand new video called "Feels Like Home".  You can view it here, be sure to turn up the sound, and repost it on your own blogs.  

After 6 years, more than 800 children home/committed to, and more than $4 million in grant funding disbursed, one might think it would be easy to get up and do this every day.  We rejoice in these videos, because photos of our children who are now healthy, happy, and loved are such a tangible reminder of the good that does come from our efforts.  We have such an incredible, growing base of support, and we are changing the world one adoption at a time.

But some days, even when you see 800+ home, you have 1000 more children's faces staring back at you from the website....and you find new waiting children every day.  It's tough to keep your head up and keep hoeing that row every day.   It's tough to keep asking for money.  The need is so great, Lord....I am but one...we are but a few....and He reminds me "it doesn't matter how many are waiting, I will give you the means to FIND THEM and to find FAMILIES for them".  And He does.  Every single day.  No matter what the challenge, no matter how weary we feel, no matter how overwhelmed, helpless, or behind the 8-ball it seems....keep your head up and shoulders back.  

Celebrate with us....6 years!  Celebrate LIFE, LOVE, and HOPE with our new video! 


Celebrating 6 years of service to orphans with special needs.

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