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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One We Can :: The Morse Family

David and Priscilla have already completed their first trip and are getting closer and closer to bringing their daughter home forever! Please join the Reece's Rainbow family in showing support for this family. You can make your tax deductible donations to their Family Sponsorship Page or if you'd like bows you can shop at Kenzi's Kraft Korner (All bows made by Kenzi/Xenia's Mommy) or Be a piece of Kenzi's puzzle or join in Kenzi's Final Push iPad 3 Giveaway!

"David and Priscilla have been married for almost 6 years. They have two sons who are 8 years old and 2 years old. Special needs adoption has always been very close to their hearts for several reasons. David has always had a special place in his heart for people with downs syndrome, and has worked closely with March of Dimes for several years. Priscilla was adopted into a home when she was 9 days old where she became the baby sister to a sweet boy who was 6 years old and had severe developmental delays. Jeffrey, her big brother, was blind, deaf, tube fed, never learned to sit unassisted, or even roll over, but boy was he loved! She looked up to her brother, he was her hero. When Jeffrey was 10 years old he passed away, but his imprint has remained on his baby sister’s heart her whole life through.When Priscilla was 20 years old she got her CNA license and took a job at a home for adults with development disabilities where she and one other staff member were completely responsible for the care of 12 adult women with differing diagnoses, most being downs syndrome. She fell in love with each of her residents and during her 3 years of working with them side by side, she made a promise to herself that somehow, some way, she would dedicate her life to people with special needs. During this time she had met her future husband, had a baby, and settled into married life. Life threw them a curve ball that relocated them from Chicago, IL to Jackson, TN…talk about a culture shock! Shortly after this move they decided to have another baby, and things just weren’t working out. After a few years of trying, and several miscarriages, they thought maybe it was God’s will for them to adopt, and in the spring of 2009 they found Reece’s Rainbow. They fell in love with all of the precious faces, and decided that they would adopt, but as fate would have it, they found out 2 weeks later that they were pregnant! They’re son was born in December 2009 but they didn’t feel as though their family was complete yet. Reece’s Rainbow was still tugging at their heart strings. So, in November of 2011, shortly before their sons 2nd birthday, they decided to expand their family once again. "

"They immediately logged on to Reece’s Rainbow, and they immediately spotted the sweet angel that God had selected as their daughter. Sweet Xenia was born in March of 2009 (one month before David and Priscilla first learned about Reece’s Rainbow!) and to say that they fell in love with her would be an understatement. Their boys fell head over heels in love with her too! They prayed, they prayed A LOT for guidance, for wisdom, for courage, and strength! They came to the conclusion that God wanted them to adopt this precious angel, so they contacted Andrea, and the rest is history! They are currently awaiting their home study date and are so excited to be joining the Reece’s Rainbow family!"

 The Morse's leave at the end of the month.
Their FSP needs to be at $17,100 to be fully funded.
As one we can help them to bring these beautiful blessings home!

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