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As One We Can :: The Powell's

Jim and Tisha received their travel dates Monday and are leaving in two short weeks to go meet their daughter. This is such an exciting time for their family! Please join the Reece's Rainbow family in showing support for this family. Please consider making a tax deductible donations to their Family Sponsorship Page to show your support.

Jim and Tisha Powell have been married for fifteen years and are the parents of eight beautiful girls.
God opened Jim’s heart to the possibility of adoption through the faithful, compassionate reporting of World Magazine. For years, it has featured families that have received children into their homes in the name of Christ. Having planted this seed, God brought it to fruition some months ago while Jim was reading the revised edition of John Piper’s Desiring God. Jim had picked up this book because the Spirit had convicted him about his underwhelming sense of joy, and he found much wisdom in its pages. But in the chapter on choosing suffering, Jim found what seemed to be a calling. Piper writes: “We do not choose suffering simply because we are told to, but because the One who tells us to describes it as the path to everlasting joy. He beckons us into the obedience of suffering . . . to manifest, in childlike faith, the infinite preciousness of His all-satisfying promises.” Joy grows out of faith. Love is pursuing your joy in the joy of others. We choose to suffer as a way of pursuing our joy in God. Confronted with these truths, Jim felt called to step out in faith, set aside his fleshly craving for convenience, and–by the grace of God–rescue a child in desperate need of love.
During a date night several days later, he told Tisha that he believed God wanted them to adopt a special-needs child. At that point in time, Tisha had been perusing blogs about adoption experiences for a few months. This led her to Reece’s Rainbow. Jim had marked all this simply as a passing interest. So her reply not only took him by surprise but also served as a pleasant confirmation of God’s call: ever since her teenage years, Tisha had envisioned herself caring for a special-needs child!
The Powells are a military family living in the Washington, D.C. area. Trusting in God’s grace, they are excited about bringing home a new baby girl. “Misty’s” expectant sisters are ready to shower her with love … and in a house full of girls there is more than enough love to go around! 

 The Powell's leave at the end of the month.
Their FSP needs to be at $8,000 to be fully funded.
As one we can help them to bring "Misty" home!

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