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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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My Own Little Starfish

Historically our Angel Tree has only included our waiting orphans with Down syndrome from 0-5 years of age. We have averaged approx (185) children on the Tree each year. But every year we have advocates and donors ask us “PLEASE, can you include the older kids, or the other angels, or the kids with HIV”?
Let not your heart be troubled, we have heard you! We KNOW that “it makes a difference to this one“. So this year we are going to give three children in each category a chance for a spot on our Angel Tree, complete with photo stickers and available ornaments! And YOU get to play a very important role in which children get that opportunity. We hope this will provide even greater visibility and awareness for ALL of our waiting children.


The details, read carefully:
  1. Each week, for the next 13 weeks, starting July 27 and going through mid October, we have a few special things happening for each different “category” of waiting children on our site.
  2. VOTE! (11) children from the other 13 categories of children have been chosen by each of the members of our leadership team. This list of (11) will be presented for a vote each week! EVERYONE can vote! It’s free! The voting will go for one week, from Friday to Thursday at 5pm eastern. Winners will be announced Thursday evening and a new set of children/category will be posted on Friday morning.
  3. You only get ONE CHANCE to vote for ONE child in each category. A weekly form will be posted on this page to record your votes.
  4. At the end of each week, THREE children from that week’s category will earn a spot on our Christmas Angel Tree.
  5. The children with the top TWO votes will get a spot on this year’s Angel Tree!
  6. The 3rd child will be chosen by the winner of a DRAWING! For a $5 VOH donation, your name will go into a pool, and the winner gets to choose whatever child from that category they want to be included on the Angel Tree. A GUARANTEED spot on the Angel Tree! It doesn’t get much better than that. You get to choose your own little starfish! You can give for as many entries as you wish, so if you want five chances you donate $5 x 5 =$25, etc.


  • DS Boys 6-9
  • DS Girls 6-9
  • DS Boys 10+
  • DS Girls 10+
  • OA Girls 0-5
  • OA Girls 6-9
  • OA Girls 10+
  • OA Boys 0-5
  • OA Boys 6-9
  • OA Boys 10+
  • HIV 0-5
  • HIV 6+
  • HIV 10+
The Fine Print:

  • Donations MUST be made via Paypal through the weekly link. There simply will not be time to receive, document and include check donations for this drawing.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email, whatever source you wish to encourage your friends and family to vote each week. Remember, the voting is FREE.
  • At the end of each week the votes will be tallied and the top two children announced and posted here.
  • Same thing for the drawing.
  • If one or more of the chosen children finds a committed family before the official start of the Angel Tree (on November 1), the child with the next most votes will be bumped up and/or the original winner will get to choose another child.
  • The same applies if a child becomes unavailable during this time, ie: adopted outside RR, taken into foster care, etc.
  • RR Leadership Team and Board Members are not eligible to participate in the drawing.
  • The vote and the drawing are completely separate. You can participate in both. One vote per person per category per week. Drawing entries, as many as you want to donate for.
  • All donations will go to our Voice of Hope fund to help with the costs of the upcoming Buddy Walks and the Angel Tree.
  • We’re so excited about this change and hope everyone loves it and participates!

  • Drawing:

     It Makes a Difference to This One!  

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