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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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As One We Can :: The Marble Family

Michelle and David are traveling across the ocean in just 6 days to bring home two adorable toddlers with Down Syndrome. Such an exciting time for their family! Please join the Reece's Rainbow family in showing support for this family. You can make your tax deductible donations to their Family Sponsor Page or if you'd like you can join in their Pampered Chef Fundraiser OR You can buy some yummy coffee from Just Love Coffee!

"David and Michelle met 13 years ago at military language school. They were studying different languages, but were in the same group that arrived from basic training. What started as a friendship soon developed a stronger bond and they married 5 months later! When Michelle got out of the military, they decided to start a family and have been blessed with 6 wonderful, active children. David is still active duty military"

In 2011 Michelle gave birth to their sixth child who sports designer genes (T21) and it opened their eyes and hearts to a whole new world.

"While it was difficult for them to imagine parenting a child with special needs before their youngest came along, he has truly opened their eyes to the beauty and worth of these precious children and they cannot imagine life without him! One evening Michelle saw a blog post containing a link to the conditions of mental institutions in Eastern Europe. As she watched the video, a wave of emotions washed over her and she also saw a link for Reece’s Rainbow. She spent the rest of the evening reading the stories of families who were stepping out in faith to not only donate but actually bring one or more of these beautiful children home. As she read these stories, she felt why couldn’t we do the same? David was not so sure. A few months passed with a lot of praying on both their parts as well as a lot of discussion. As Michelle scrolled through photo after photo of children waiting to find their families, she lingered on a few certain ones."


 The Marble's leave in six days.
Their FSP needs to be at $12,000 to be fully funded.
As one we can help them to bring these beautiful blessings home!

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