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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Friday Family Fundraisers

You can help!


Please scroll down to visit our families fundraisers!

Our Reece's Rainbow families have so many different ways for you to help them to bring their children home! Our advocacy efforts don't end when a family commits to adopt a child.  You can continue to help these families to bring their little ones home!

Please be sure to check out each giveaway or sale item below! Many of the giveaways show the highest priced giveaway item but they have many other lovely things being given away.  

Check back every Friday for more of our family fundraisers and thank you for all you do to support the children and families of Reece's Rainbow!

Please also grab our Friday Family Fundraiser blog button to share our families' giveaways on your blogs!

Be sure to click the images to be taken to their Giveaways and Fundraisers!
1 Flowers Fundraiser!
2 Puzzle Fundraiser!
3 Puzzle Piece Fundraiser

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4 Pray her Home Giveaway!
5 T-shirt Fundraiser!
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6 Faithfully Created Fundraiser!

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7 Puzzle Fundraiser! 
8 Avon Fundraiser

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9 Wiehl of Faith FUNDRAISER!
Beaded Bracelet with Cross- Blue Beads
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10 Puzzle Fundraiser
Red Square by Night in Moscow, Russia - 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle By Castorland

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11 Hair Bow  Fundraiser

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12 Be a piece of the puzzle! Bring Abigail and Emilie's Home!
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13  Bracelets Fundraiser

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15 T-Shirt Fundraiser
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16 Serial Adopter Fundraiser!
Serial Adopter
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View their other current fundraisers HERE
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18 iPadGiveaway
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20 iPad3 Giveaway!

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21 Just Love Coffee
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22 Party Fundraiser!

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23 Puzzle Fundraiser!
24 Necklace Fundraiser!
The Carrington Necklace - Charity for Reece's Rainbow
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25 It Works Wraps!

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26 Kindle Fire Giveaway
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27 Beach Trip Giveaway!
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28 Artwork

Blue Bird Prayer for Adoption. SMALL size. Watercolor Art Print. CUSTOMIZE ME for Baby Shower, Christian Gift. Supports Reece's Rainbow.
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29 Puzzle Fundraiser!
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow 1000 Piece Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle
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30 T-shirt Fundraiser
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32 Etsy Fundraiser
Crochet owl hat any size
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33 Coach, Kindle, iPad and MORE!
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34 Scentsy Fundraiser!
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Patchwork Quilt Fundraiser
Adoption Awareness Bracelets
Velata Fundraiser
Make sure to join "Danielle Gardner Fundraiser" when prompted
 35 RR Gear Fundraiser!

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36 T-shirt Fundraiser
Beloved - Girls
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37 T-shirtFundraiser
Hope, Joy, Peace
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38 Facebook Auction
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39 Handmade DollAuction

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40 Thirty One Fundraiser

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Select "Christine Sheffield" when ordering

You can also help some of our Waiting Children. 
The following fundraisers are being held for the following children who still need a family!

thank you for all you do to help our families and children!

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