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Can We Get 10,000 in One Day?

We've shared before about the Kona Inspired video that our friend and Ironman, Brady Murray put together to advocate for Reece's Rainbow and children with Down Syndrome.

Well, in honour of Brady's 10th wedding anniversary he is hoping to get 10,000 views TODAY! Be sure to stop by his blog and wish him a Happy Anniversary and read how he met his wife!

Here are the details of today's challenge from Brady's blog (be sure to go here to leave comments):

As you may already know, we are one week into a two week finals voting campaign for my mine and Nash's "Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome" video.  We are currently in first place, but not by much!  In honor of mine and Andrea's 10th Anniversary, we are shooting for 10,000 views of the video today!  If we can reach 10,000 views, we have a donor who will give $500 to Maggie's (our orphan we are racing for currently) adoption account!  That would bring her account to over $10,000!  That's the connection!

We are currently at 44,292 views.  Last night at 10pm we were at 42,002.  The goal is to reach 52,002 by 10pm tonight for the $500 donation to Maggie!   Along the way, I'm giving away RODS Racing TShirts to whoever is closest to the thousandth view (45,000, 46,000, etc) throughout the day.  You can follow the give away's throughout the day HERE.  If you are close to winning the TShirt, just add to the comments with where you came in! 

As a reminder, you can view and vote multiple times a day by refreshing the browser once you start the video and click vote (lower left corner of the video).  Thanks for all the support!  Let's get to 52,002 today!!


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