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The Day I Became a Mother :: A Mother's Day Special

Today is Mother's Day in the US and so we've had a few very special blog posts from some of our Reece's Rainbow mothers! There is a button too if you'd like!

 Summer Spitz, Reece's Rainbow Mother of Isabelle and Gavin 

I remember the day I met them like it was yesterday. A day anticipated with an excitement that words could never accurately describe. A day that I thought my heart could surely jump right out of my chest. I see it all so clearly. Waiting ever so impatiently for an orphanage employee to enter a room with my child!! Waiting to finally be the Mother of the child I had dreamt about and Loved dearly from afar.

The entrance and the first glimpse of my child are forever etched in my heart. It was a moment that could only be shared with GOD!! Instantly I was a Mom!! In a small room in a foreign country I was the very Blessed Mother of a child I had just met. A Precious Treasure that had not yet ever felt the love of their very own Mother. We didn’t need a court decree; we didn’t need anything to tell us that we were always meant to be together. That day GOD had planned all along!!! The day I became a Mother, The day Isabelle became a Daughter and the day Gavin became a Son!!!! Thank You GOD for that DAY!!!!
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  • Summer's daughter, Isabelle, is this month's featured child on the Reece's Rainbow 2012 Orphan No More Calendar!

Summer would like to share a little girl who is one of our Waiting Children
She would love for her to have a Mother next Mother's Day! 
Please meet Mabel!


Girl, born May 2005
Diagnosis:  Down syndrome

Mabel is a very shy, calm natured little girl.  Right now, she does not appear to be walking at all.  In the pictures, she had been brought in from another groupa and was in an unfamiliar place, so she was a little nervous in a new environment.  Sadly, in the orphanage at this time, she is unable to get any therapy.  Imagine her potential and what she could do if she was getting physical, occupational and speech therapy!  Mabel truly needs someone to adopt her soon, and help her become all that God has intended for her to be!

Poor, sad little Mabel — she’s been chewing on her sleeves and hands for self-soothing.   She’s such a tiny little bird — please help her find a family so she can reach her full potential!  She has the most beautiful eyes, let’s help put the shine back in them!
MABEL can stand for “Mothers Always Bring Extra Love,” and if ever a child needed extra love, it is this precious girl.  She has no one to love on her- so she’s chewing on her hands and sleeves. Her little hands look raw. What a horrible way to have to comfort yourself- to just be a darling baby and no one love on you because you happen to have an extra chromosome.  She’s tiny, no bigger than a 3 year old. Her cheeks are raw, from her having her wet hands against them, and the cool air of winter hitting them.  Somewhere, this child has a mom that will bring “extra love” for this precious child of God with an “extra chromosome”. Mama? Do you see me?

Additional pictures available.   Interested families should be homestudy approved (or close to it) prior to commitment.  Large families welcome, older parents welcome, married couples only.   Travel required.

$1028.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Happy Mother's Day this Sunday to all of our Mother's!
Be sure to check back for our other Mother's Day Special posts!

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