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Crazy! :: A Mother's Day Special

This Sunday is Mother's Day in the US and so we're having a few special blog posts from some of our Reece's Rainbow mothers! There is a button too if you'd like!

 Kelly Dirkes, Reece's Rainbow Mother of Charlotte 

Glad to be Crazy

When we started our journey to Charlotte, there were people in our lives that questioned our decision to adopt a child with special needs as our first child. A few of those vocal critics flat out asked if we were crazy—and I’m sure a few more were just too polite to ask!

A year later, Charlotte is the greatest gift that I have ever been given. Being her mama is not always easy, but the job is so very rewarding. I have learned to celebrate the potential that each day brings. I have learned to dance and sing and play with just a bit more abandon. I have learned to focus on the things and people that really matter. I have even learned to appreciate a certain furry red monster…

I’m glad I decided to be “crazy”!

Kelly would like to share a little girl who is one of our Waiting Children
She would love for her to have a Mother next Mother's Day! 
Please meet Kacey 15H!

This is Kelly's account of her meeting of Kacey when they were adopting Charlotte:

Kacey initially observed us from the safety of the child size chairs across the room.  She was clearly skeptical of these new people watching her lesson.  She watched carefully as Charlotte eagerly climbed up into my lap and snuggled in for some hugs from Mama before participating in her lesson.  Her curiosity seemed to overrule her initial fear, and she shyly sidled up next to me.  She extended her scarred arms and hands and looked up into my face, waiting to see what my reaction would be.  When I smiled and traced her scars with my fingers, she relaxed.  She put her hand on my leg and questioned, “Mama?”
I don’t think I could ever forget the look on her face when my answer was “nyet”. 

Kacey 15H

Guardian Angel
Girl, born November, 2008
Sociable nature
Kacey has Apert Syndrome.
Such a blessing to have a new photo, isn’t she gorgeous?
From an adoptive family who met her in August 2011:  She is very active despite her limitations with feet and hands- she kept up with the whole bunch. Very determined, a bit shy.
From an adoptive family who  met her in November 2011: Every day she’d walk up to me and say, “Mama?”  It broke my heart to tell her no.  She’s due for another surgery soon (presumably on her skull).  Her hands and feet look really good; she showed me all her scars.
More pictures available.  Single moms welcome.  This is a great region to adopt from, with little in country travel.  We have had many successful adoptions here, with a fabulous agency partner!

$1906.61 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Happy Mother's Day this Sunday to all of our Mother's!
Be sure to check back for our other Mother's Day Special posts!

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