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Owen's Angels :: Darren


This Week's Owen's Angel!

Our correspondent, Owen Roberts, will be sharing his choice for our Angel of the Week.

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Meet Darren!

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Darren's smile will steal your heart!
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BOY, born September 2007
UPDATE!   Darren has been visited by a group of therapists, and they have such wonderful progress news about him!  " Our team has gotten to know this happy little guy over the past several years. When we saw him in April 2010 we were able to work with him during a presentation at the orphanage in front of doctors, staff, and caregivers. We watched then as Darren attempted to take his first assisted steps using a walker we brought with us on the trip. He was very weak, and tired very quickly, but those beginning steps happened with the assistance of our physical therapists.
This year when we returned in October, our first view of Darren was him in his walker, moving about his room! It made our hearts so full to see the change in him over the months since we had seen him last! He can pull himself up to standing position when he is holding on to something. He is currently very vocal, but is not using words. He plays with sounds, smiles, and laughs and has a very expressive face! He enjoys engaging in play while laying in the floor, fun toys, and we worked on reaching and pointing to things he liked while in a seated position.  Our occupational therapists say that Darren has good visual tracking skills and has full movement of both arms. He was able to hold toys and objects and was beginning to drop things into buckets during play.  Darren’s smile definitely stole our hearts, and we are praying that his family finds him soon! We would love to share more about this lovable little guy!"
From his medical records: Multiple congenital defects of development, CNS, eyes, locomotory apparatus, congenital bilateral clubfoot, strabismus
Darren is significantly delayed cognitively and physically.   He is typically a content child.  he is able to stand, but only with help.   Physical therapy and surgery can do wonders for him.   He is facing transfer this year, and will remain bedridden for life if he is not adopted.
Due to the significant needs of this child, we would request that any family considering him be home study approved  and/or have experience caring for children with severe medical and physical special needs.
$106.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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