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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Today is the last day of the First Annual 21 Days of Hope Voice of Hope Campaign. We have a matching donor who will donate $21 for each of 24 $21 donations! If each of our friends donated just $21, we would have enough to fund Reece's Rainbow for all of 2012 and more!  Will you consider helping us meet our goal?

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In going on 6 years, Reece's Rainbow has found families for more than 650 children with Down syndrome and other special needs. We are solely funded by individual donations. Our Voice of Hope fund has been what has paid for our website and the paypal fees for the family donations over these past years and all of our promotional activities. As we are so rapidly growing, our needs for funding have also grown! Thank you for all of you who have so dearly supported us through the years! As the photos below show, your efforts have not been in vain! FAR FROM IT! We are so thankful and proud to share what you and we have helped do together!

As this is drawing near to closing I wanted to share some of our kids who are at home, who were given a life outside of the walls of the orphanages and institutions and are now thriving because they were given love and a family! Children who are now loved members of their families, children who very well might not be where they are today were it not for Reece's Rainbow and our advocating efforts and the efforts and support of our many families and friends.

You can go have a look HERE to see these (below) and many more of the families who found their children through RR and are already home!

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