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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Friday Family Fundraisers

You can help!


Please scroll down to visit our families fundraisers!

Our Reece's Rainbow families have so many different ways for you to help them to bring their children home! Our advocacy efforts don't end when a family commits to adopt a child.  You can continue to help these families to bring their little ones home!

Please be sure to check out each giveaway or sale item below! Many of the giveaways show the highest priced giveaway item but they have many other lovely things being given away.  

Check back every Friday for more of our family fundraisers and thank you for all you do to support the children and families of Reece's Rainbow!

Be sure to click the images to be taken to their Giveaways and Fundraisers!

1 Kreative Kandi Apples GIVEAWAY!
Click Image to See ALL the AMAZING Apples!

Be sure to visit this giveaway, there is much more to it than just a giveaway! 
Also discounts on Easter orders!

2 Mountain Resort GIVEAWAY!
Click Image

Help Bring Home Alyssa and Piper!
3 Almost There Fundraiser! Includes a Matching Grant!
Click Image
Choice of any colour for the mixer but LOTS of other gifts!
4 Help Bring Sydney and Lucien Home! Faithfully Created!
Click Image

5 MaryKay Fundraiser!

  Benefiting Charity and the Sader family.
6 Drink Coffee? Help Bring Sara Home!
They also have a giveaway with a new prize added every three days, you can check that out HERE

7 32gb iPad3 GIVEAWAY! 
Click Image

Help bring Liliana Home!

8 Adoption awareness SHOPPING BAGS!
Click Image

Click Image
Lots of other items!
10 Help Bring Vinnie Home Giveaway with a twist!

Click Image

Please also check out their t-shirt fundraiser HERE  and their coffee fundraiser HERE

11 iPad3, Canon Rebel DSLR Camera, or a $500 Amazon gift card GIVEAWAY!
Click Image

Help Bring Albina Home!

12 Be a piece of the puzzle! Bring Abigail and Emilie's Home!
Click Image
Click HERE to find out how to order your matryoshka doll (Russian nesting dolls) wall hanging!

13  Bracelets to bring home the Grove Girls!

Order your Bracelet HERE
They also have a Mary Kay fundraiser
14 Digital Software FUNDRAISER!
Click Image

Get your own copy of this brilliant software and start Creating Memories! Be sure to see all the ways you can use this, as well as, other ways to help Bring Carlene Home!

The Morriss family is also having a Curriculum and Book Sale to help raise money for their adoption, HERE

15 Hairbows for Nellie and Katelyn!
Click Image
16 Bring Home Khariton!

17 Prayer Shawl GIVEAWAY!

18 Change Drive to bring Natasha home!
The Morse family also has a Partylite Candle fundraiser going on HERE
Thirty One Fundraiser!

For the month of April if you spend $31 you get to pick a purse for 1/2 off!! 
Make sure to click Shana Pardue as your host when checking out!
Proceeds go toward the Pardue's adoption of Alexander!

Kindle Giveaway Matching Grant!

Help bring Sam and Duncan home!

Nabi GiveawayBringing home Kiki and Debbie

Fundraiser forChandler

25% of all sales will go toward Chandler's adoption.
Spend $31 and get 1/2 off of a purse.

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