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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Owen's Angel of the Week


 This Week's Owen's Angels!

Our correspondent, Owen Roberts, will be sharing his choice for our Angel of the Week.

Please meet Owen's Angel of the Week: (refresh to see new photo)

Meet Laurel!

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Laurel is a beautiful girl with arthrogryposis who needs a family ASAP!

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Girl, born August 1996
She can be found here:


Guardian Angel
Laurel has arthrogryposis — and look at that beautiful smile!
She's already 15 years old, and has less than 6 months (from January 2012) to be adopted, or she loses all hope for a future.
Laurel is blessed to be in a very good older child orphanage for those with mostly physical disabilities.  Her orphanage has been supported by many humanitarian aid groups, and offers child sponsorship programs and trips for these children.  Laurel does face transfer to an adult mental institution SOON, and at 16 she will no longer legally be able to be adopted at all. We simply can not let this happen to her.
Our facilitation team has met Laurel…she is very smart and friendly, and she SO wants a family of her own.  Laurel is in a region which often waives the 10 day waiting period!

An additional $1000 grant is available to help with Laurel's adoption (above and beyond her RR funds)
Larger families and older parents welcome.  Must be home study approved to commit.

$1466.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Please grab our Child of the Week Button (above) for your blog. Each week this button will change to show the current week's child (you only need to add the button once to your blog). The children that will be featured will be ones with $0 or very low adoption grant funds. By hosting our Child of the Week button we are hoping to not only raise awareness for that particular child but also to hopefully raise the amount in their fund. These funds have proven to help families who would otherwise be qualified and able to adopt them, except for the cost of an international adoption, feel able to commit to bringing home and giving the precious gift of a family to these angels.

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