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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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$1.75 million....that is how much *hope* has been disbursed by Reece's Rainbow JUST in 2011!  Your gifts help save our beautiful children with Down syndrome and other special needs from mental institutions through the gift of adoption. (196) came HOME, JUST in 2011, as a direct result of your donations and advocacy. Believe it, folks! --Andrea Roberts

We are so thankful for all of your gifts and your gift of advocacy! The 2011 Angel Tree Warriors were nothing short of amazing. They redefined the term 'warrior' and we've been calling them heroes since the Angel Tree ended.

We will be announcing the totals for the Angel Tree some time in the next week or so, once the final checks are all in, and receipts will be out by the 31st. We are excited to share those totals with you, including the total for the Angel Tree Dollars! These were a huge hit and I can't wait to share just how much in donations those brought in! If you received any, be sure you get the child selected by the 15th of January! Any that remain unclaimed after that will be put into the Voice of Hope's Angel Tree fund.

We were so blessed in the final week of the Angel Tree to be featured in a story presented by ABC along with the Gates Foundation on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer. That, along with the amazing fight our warriors fought to bring our angels to their Angel Tree goal, means that their faces were seen by far more than in past years. Our warriors flooded facebook the last day of the angel tree!

This is fantastic for the children and we've already seen some of the result of that with how many inquiries we're now receiving. This is what it is all about, people! Finding families for these beautiful children with Down syndrome and other special needs, and helping those families to raise the funds to help with the costs of their adoption! What a blessing our donors and warriors are to these children!

RR on ABC World News Tonight

with Diane Sawyer
Thank you to ABC World News Tonight, Diane Sawyer, Abbie Boudreau and Sarah Netter

So, thank you ALL for your part in making 2011 another very successful year for our children and our families! And thank you to all of you joining us in 2012 to continue to find homes for and to advocate for these orphans who would otherwise languish in orphanages and mental institutions in these countries!

Thank you and Happy New Year 2012!

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