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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Focus on Toys! Last minute gift ideas for children with special needs...

Tolo’s adorable Pop Up Dinosaurs Toddler Activity Toy features four colorful dinosaur eggs. Press the corresponding button that matches the shape and color on each dinosaur egg to watch each little reptile hatch. Toddlers and babies of all ages will love pressing the buttons and watching the cute little critters really hatch. Simply press each dinosaur back down to start all over again. A great way to encourage motor skill development and thinking skills. The bright colors, cute critters, and durable design make this manipulative toy super safe and super lovable for all little ones!

Available at ...cost: $21.00

First Snaps by Alex are bright and bold developmental toys that are fun to grab and grip. The snapping and pulling apart of each piece is excellent for developing gross motor and sensory motor skills, while the vibrant colors are perfect for visual stimulation.

Available at $13.00

Oball from Rhino Toys is great for all ages. The holes on this lightweight ball make it the perfect toy for little fingers to grasp, throw, and catch while developing gross and fine motor skills. The different textures and colors of this hollow ball can also help children with sensory and visual impairments.

Available at  around $8.00

The Elefun game from Hasbro is sure to provide hours of butterfly catching fun for your child.  This physcially stimulating game improves your child's fine and gross motor skills as he catches and sorts butterflies.  The elephant's trunk shoots colorful butterflies over four feet into the air which also helps improve his visual perception.

Available at Kmart...cost:$17.99

Your child will be fascinated by this reusable write-on board. His fine motor skills are put to use as he grips, scribbles, and writes with the penlight stylus. Watch his delight as his drawings disappear before his eyes, leaving the board clear for more imaginative work. The stencils and textured designs included are also perfect in aiding with cognitive and sensory development.
Available at Target...cost: $20.99

This beautifully crafted wooden learning board with polished brass locks, latches, hooks and clasps has hide and seek pictures behind each door! This tremendous value is the perfect wooden toy for the curious sensory seeking child! The real working hardware helps develop fine motor and memory skills! A great wooden toy for teaching safety as well as developing dexterity! The visually stimulating, shiny, brass hardware as well as the repetitive nature of opening and closing each door, will keep your child interested hour upon hour!

Available at around $20.00


The Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun ball popper is fun and highly developmental. The game helps to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and object performance.  It is designed with several bright colors to stimulate your child’s visual sense. The five different-colored poppin’ balls will catch your little one’s eye.
Available at ...cost:  around $28.00

Set a space for fun, learning and sharing. The Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket by Leapfrog helps little learners explore shapes, colors, manners and more. Over 30 audio responses encourage pretend play, and the 14-piece set helps children build motor skills as they sort, match, stack, empty and fill. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.
Available at Walmart...cost: $21.97

The Discovery House from Leapfrog allows little hands to push, slide, open, close, turn...a learning home for little ones where there's always more to explore. 5 play areas offer more than 75 learning responses. Children can learn opposites and daily routines and listen to fun songs and stories. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.
Available at Toys R Us...cost: $19.99

The Write and Learn Touch Tablet will take your child on a learning adventure. This portable notepad has five different modes of play that teach your child about object and shape drawing, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and letter writing. Through graduated learning, this tablet allows your child to develop their skills, starting with simple line and shape drawing and moving up to actual letter formation. Its touch screen lets them draw and write directly on the screen using either their finger or the attached writing stylus. For added fun, 26 alphabet buttons each represent an animal that comes to life after the player correctly draws the matching letter on the touch screen. Touch screen with stylus. Cute notepad design for easy portability. 26 letter buttons, each represented by an animal. 5 modes of play. Progressive learning takes kids from shape drawing to letter formation.
Available at Walmart...cost $19.96

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