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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Giving Thanks

Reece's Rainbow has much for which to be thankful, not just this year, but every year. We don't talk about the 500+ orphans who are now in families at home celebrating Thanksgiving this year without fully realising how many people it took to help those children get home.

The advocates for their tireless warrioring on the children's behalf, the hours and hours of fundraising, the gifts from people to use for those fundraisers, the many many thousands of people who have donated their time and their monetary support over the years and the many faithful warriors who battle on their knees in prayer for these children. It is an army when you consider all of the people who have brought those 500+ children into families to be Orphans No More

So, we thank you, we thank you for all of your support of Reece's Rainbow and the children and families that make up that rainbow.

In honour of Thanksgiving and National Adoption Month we are going to share with you two families who's lives have been forever changed due to adoption and so I hope you enjoy their stories of thanksgiving.

We would also ask that as you reflect today on all that you are Thankful for that you might consider Giving the gift of a family to one or more of the many children with Down syndrome who are in need of a family by visiting the Christmas Angel Tree and donating. There are still many who need to reach their Angel Tree goal of $1000 and we know that every little bit helps them to reach that! 

With every $35 donation you will receive a beautiful ornament of our Angel Tree Graphic on one side with the child's photo on the back! We are so thankful for all of the many who pray and give and help our children and families raise the funds they need in order to bring these precious children home.
Happy Thanksgiving from Reece's Rainbow!

Carlene's Family: Steve and Katrina

On December 13, 2007 our lives were forever changed when we received a phone call that there was a 2 1/2 month old baby that had been shaken and was in need of a loving foster home. We were vacationing at Disneyland at the time and decided to cut the vacation short so we could go and pick her up the next day.

This precious child lived with us for 2 years as our foster daughter but on April 22, 2010 she became our forever daughter after her birth parents decided that it would be in her best interest to continue to live with us.
Because of the joy we experienced by bringing this sweet little girl into our family we decided to spend the whole month of November (Adoption Awareness Month) advocating for foster care children. It was during this time we stumbled upon a blog that was talking about Reece's Rainbow and all the sweet orphans that needed home.

That is when we feel in love with this little girl.

And we are excited that next year she will no longer be an orphan but will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with us as a member of our family.

Steve and Katrina

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Quinton's Family:  Brian and Carol Miller

Just one year ago, I was silently aching inside. There was a void in my heart that I was starting to think would never be filled. My husband and I had been married for several years and unable to conceive. It seemed as if every time I turned around, another one of my friends was pregnant. It was nearly impossible to be happy for them when I was consumed by my own sadness. Just when things seemed hopeless, something amazing happened. I was introduced to Reece’s Rainbow.

Fast forward one year and my heart is completely healed, my marriage is stronger, and I am loving my new son with an intensity that I never knew existed. In July of 2011, we brought our son, Quinton home from Ukraine. He is the absolute light of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t laugh, smile, and love a little more than I did the day before. Thanksgiving this year has taken on a new meaning for me. Words cannot describe the thankfulness I feel in my heart for my baby boy and everyone who was a part of us bringing him home. I thank God every day for Quinton and his precious life. Instead of silently aching inside, now I am beaming with joy. Without him, I don’t know where I would be. I am so thankful for adoption and thankful for the blessing of my son.
Quinton is also 'Mr. November' on the Reece's Rainbow 2012 Orphan No More Calendar!
Click on his image to view and download the calendar!

That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, And tell of all Your wondrous works. Psalm 26:7 
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