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Christmas Shopping 'Orphan No More' Style!

It's that time of year, the time of year when you start to wear trousers with expandable waistbands and you dream 
of '% OFF' signs! The quest for the perfect gift for each of the people in your life can be daunting.

Well, what better way to really share Christmas this year than to do your Christmas shopping,  
Orphan No More style?

The following are our Reece's Rainbow Families fundraisers. These are ONLY for our adopting families who are in the process of bringing home their children. Please note, many of these have several things they are either giving away or selling but only one photo shows up so be sure you check them all out so you don't miss anything!

    Christmas at Reece's Rainbow~

    Only families adopting through Reece's Rainbow can add their fundraisers here. Any other links will be deleted.
    Thank you!

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