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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The Lindquist Family and Ethan


I'd like you to meet Scott and Connie. They've been married nearly 24 years and have five daughters. Their youngest, Sophina, has changed their lives dramatically. She has Down Syndrome and had 6 procedures in her first six months of life, including open heart surgery and having a feeding tube being put in. She has taught their family what their priorities SHOULD be about-Jesus and people.
God has changed the whole family’s lives.

While looking at Reece's Rainbow's Waiting Children, praying for them and posting their faces on Facebook for others to see, Ethan kept coming up. The family had been praying about this and they finally agreed that a boy would be a blessing for their family! Scott, Connie and the girls cannot wait to see Ethan and Sophina together as they are fifteen days apart in age from each other! They are both special treasures from the Lord and the family can't wait to have Ethan in their arms. The Lord has already taught them SO MUCH through the process this far. They have already done their home study and they pray they get Ethan home before his birthday. They are completely living by faith that the Lord will take care of the needs that are there and would love for people to follow their story, pray for them daily and give as the Lord leads.

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