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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Thank you, Stay Classy!

Amy Brockhaus
Well....we didn't win. :( But my goodness, what an achievement just to be there, in and of itself! Chosen as one of the top 36 charitable organizations in the COUNTRY, out of more than 3000 nominations, and the top 3 being recognized for their use of social media to spread the word. For Amy Brockhaus and April Swerdfeger to be in the same room with not only this year's nominees, but last year's winners and dozens of other globally recognized visionary charitable leaders....folks just like us who live in service to others. Wow.

Every single one of those nominees deserved to win...their organizations and efforts deserved to be recognized...the people they serve deserved that spotlight for awareness.

Even without an acceptance speech, we have a message to share with everyone who voted for us and those who know nothing about us. “Reece’s Rainbow was founded in 2006 with only 5 known orphans with Down syndrome in Ukraine. In only 5 years, and through the exclusive use of social media and internet efforts, Reece’s Rainbow has raised more than $2.5 million in adoption grants and found “forever families” for more than 500 orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs from 26 countries the world.

With a nearly 90% prenatal abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome here in the US, Reece’s Rainbow is honored to serve those children blessed enough to be born. We have grown from a grassroots “it doesn’t have to be this way” idea to a true human rights movement as a direct result of unwavering commitment and the availability of social media to aid us in getting the message out. Websites, blogs, email, Facebook….Social Media has made it possible for us to reach far beyond the existing Down syndrome community.

Even if adopting is not the right choice for your own family, your donation to a child’s adoption grant makes all the difference in the world. Our long term goal is to eliminate the NEED for Reece’s Rainbow…to show the world, by example, the joys and blessings of Down syndrome…to achieve a world where people with Down syndrome are cherished and appreciated, not aborted or hidden away in mental institutions out of ignorance and shame. This is the 21st century! Our waiting children are SO thankful to be nominated for this very special award. We are especially grateful to Stay Classy for this opportunity, and to Emmy-Award winning actress Patricia Heaton for dragging us down “Twitter Lane” earlier this year with her $10,000 Twitter Challenge. God bless all of you in your continued service to others!"

So THANK YOU Stay Classy for this opportunity...THANK YOU Patricia Heaton! Thank you to everyone who voted and sent us into this competition with the *most popular votes!* Thank you for your support of the work Reece's Rainbow does, and for believing in us all the way!

The only real downside to not winning is also not receiving that $15,000 check :( We're really needing help in our Voice of Hope fund to cover the immense costs of providing for all of these Buddy Walk and Angel Tree materials! That $15k would have put a big dent in that bill. And we have so many amazing projects we want to do in 2012....if you have a few extra bucks, or a few extra friends who have a few extra bucks, please consider a donation to our Voice of Hope fund.  

This is our bottom line, what makes it possible for RR to even continue doing what we do! We operate on less than 10% of our total earnings for each year. We do not have credit, we work only with that which we have in hand, and only from funds specifically designated for VOH. But if we want to *grow*, we need your help!

You can also join our Facebook Cause and donate there, or you can give through our website directly at

Thank you!

Andrea Roberts, Exec Dir

Reece's Rainbow (if you have any questions)

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