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The New Reece's Rainbow Forum

Have you been to the new Reece's Rainbow forum? Besides being completely branded 'RR' it is completely ours. That means that all of our advocates and family posts stay with us... we don't have to worry about a forum closing and losing all of our posts and helpful information.

It also means that we don't have to have ads from other forums that, as we've seen, are not the sort of thing we want on our forum.

If you were on our yahoo group or on the yuku forum it is very easy to make the switch over. In fact, if you were on yuku, you are automatically on the new one. If you had a space in your user name, it will have converted to a '-' in between but otherwise all of our former users are on the new forum!

If you need help finding out your new sign in information, please email and she can help you with your sign in! We definitely want all of our members to be able to share with each other!

If you haven't signed up to join our forum and are one of our families or advocates, we invite you to please join!

The Father's Forum is also still up if there are any men/husbands/fathers that are either interested in adoption, have already adopted, or advocacy. That can be found here:

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