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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The Burlingham's and their Andriy

The Burlingham's (l) and Andriy (r)
Amanda and David just sent their dossier in for Andriy. It's should be in country on Tuesday..THIS TUESDAY. That means they can be submitted in as little as one week and be given a travel date very shortly after that. Here's the honest truth out of Amanda's own heart. Her last blog post reads in part,

''I am begging. (We) don't have a back up plan. Nothing is hiding up (our) sleeve. Just share about me, about Andriy, about my little blog. Please share anywhere, I am not picky"
"So I ask you~Will you donate if nothing is offered? If I don't have an iPad 2 will you still donate? I can say that without people I have never met we would not be at over $10,000.(raised)!!! Every single donation big or small has gotten us this far..." 
Because even though they DON'T have all the funds in place just yet, they fully trust the funds will come. They are in need of a great amount still. They've sent in their dossier out of faith, because time is running out for Andriy & he's been without his family for far to long.

Amanda and David have been married for 11 years. They grew up together. David owns his own restaurant and Amanda is a stay at home mom. They have three children at home. Kyah 8, Aiden 5, and Braya 2. They're excited to welcome their second son into their family. Andriy will be their first child through adoption.

If you can help, please visit their blog or their Family Sponsor Page, where you can make a tax deductible donation.

You can read their blog here:
Their FSP page is here:

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