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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The Roger's and their two blessings

Mel and Erika with 5 of  their blessings
I'd like you to meet Mel and Erika. They met while Erika was attending Bible college and Mel was in the Army. Now days these two are blessed with 7 children and one grandchild. They are getting ready to add to their brood by adding two more blessings! Having adopted 3 children from the foster system they are no strangers to adoption, but Clare and Malachi (known as Christine and Oscar on RR) are their first international adoptions. Erika always knew that she would mother a child with Down Syndrome..God had put in her heart. But she didn’t know if that child would come through birth or adoption. And then one day she came upon Reece's Rainbow and new exactly why God had lead her to this web-site. With their hearts ready to adopt again, she instantly knew this was where their children were. When Mel got home from work, Erika had him look at the website. After feeling like this was God’s calling, they told their children about the choice. To say the kids are overjoyed would be an understatement!

Handsome Malachi
Beautiful Clare
Today, the Roger's family is really excited to be almost at the end of this rainbow. They've submitted their dossier and are waiting on a travel date. They are so close!!! They've worked hard to raise the funds they would need for this adoption. But as you all know, adoption is costly. The Roger family still needs help to be able to make this dream come true so their children can come home.

You can help by donating to their FSP:

You can follow the Rogers on their journey to bringing their children home on their family blog here:
and remember this...
"In you the orphan finds mercy."
Hosea 14:3

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