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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Children of God :: Forgiven, Chosen and ADOPTED

“…an adopted child is no less a son or a daughter than my natural born children. And to apply that to a spiritual sense, I have learned that to be a son of God, makes me no less His son than His true Son.
Adoption has changed my life. But it has also changed my relationship with my Father in heaven.
-Bill Schick, Director of Casa Vida Y Esperanza, an orphanage in Mexico

“Christianity is taking what has been purchased by the cross: the behavior of heaven, the nature of Jesus Christ, and transplanting it into the hearts of men and women down here on earth.
So that they behave not like this earth, but like heaven!
And so when this world sees them, they’re different; there is something odd about them, they’re from another realm.
What does it look like?
It’s noble… it’s brave… it’s courageous… it’s selfless… it is willing to spend itself for the weak!
Because Jesus Christ will change a man… into a man that feels what Jesus Christ is feeling. And he cannot stay in suburbia USA anymore and do nothing.
Heroes are made because they are moved.”

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