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Announcement Regarding Ukraine Adoptions

As of today the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine established Regulation about prolonging the authority of State Department for Adoption

Dear friends,

As of today the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine established Regulation about prolonging the authority of State Department for Adoption until another state adoptive agency is created. Publishing of this regulation in official media is supposed in the nearest days. After that the SDA continues its working in its regular schedule in the frame of the new Law About Amendment to Family Code of Ukraine About Specifics of Adoption of a Separate Category of Children which becomes effective on July 11, 2011. This Law requires orphans to be registered on the central adoption registry for one year and to be at least 5 years old before they are eligible for intercountry adoption.  The amendment exempts children with certain special needs, relative adoptions, and sibling adoptions.

It means that the families may submit their dossiers if the children they are willing to adopt are older 5 y.o. and they had been registered in the central adoption registry over a year or their diagnosis are included into the List of diseases which allow adoption of children under 5 and without waiting for a year to be registered for domestic adoption only.

This List is rather limited now and includes only the following diagnosis:
C 00 – C 97 – malignant neoplasms
Q 64.1 – Exstrophy of urinary bladder
Q 71.0 – Congenital complete absence of upper limb(s)
Q71.1 – Congenital absence of upper arm and forearm with hand present
Q71.2 – Congenital absence of both forearm and hand
Q71.3 – Congenital absence of hand and finger(s)
Q 72.0 – Congenital complete absence of lower limb(s)
Q72.1 – Congenital absence of thigh and lower leg with foot present
Q72.2 – Congenital absence of both lower leg and foot
Q72.3 – Congenital absence of foot and toe(s)
Q 73.0 – Congenital absence of unspecified limb(s)
Q 11  - Anophthalmos, microphthalmos and macrophthalmos
Q 16.0 – Congenital absence of (ear) auricle
Q 16.1 – Congenital absence, atresia and stricture of auditory canal (external). Atresia or
   stricture of osseous meatus
Q 74.3 – Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital
Q 77 – Osteochondrodysplasia with defects of growth of tubular bones and spine
Q 90 – Down's syndrome
Q 91 – Edwards' syndrome and Patau's syndrome
B 21.3 – HIV disease resulting in other malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, haematopoietic and
   related tissue
B 21.7 – HIV disease resulting in multiple malignant neoplasms
E 10 – Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Currently we are working on this List of diagnosis to be expanded but it may take time for bureaucracy.

Our abilities to model and control situation are rather limited, that is why we advise all the families whose documents are prepared or almost prepared to be in a hurry and mail their dossiers to us as soon as possible. If the dossier is not completed yet, please, mail CSPs and POAs in advance. No any changes the forms of the documents had been made yet.

We will keep informing you about any changes related to adoption.

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