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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Angel of the Week

Meet Landon!

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Landon is bursting with potential!

We normally feature our children who have little or no money in their grant funds but for the next weeks througout the 5/5/5 Warrior Project, we will be featuring our 5 year olds. 

We still have some of our 5/5/5 children who need a warrior so please sign up if you haven't already! 

Will you be a 5/5/5 Warrior and help one of our 5 year olds find a family? 
Are YOU one Landon's family?
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He can be found here:

Landon #6-11

DOB: July 12, 2006
Main diagnosis: Down syndrome
UPDATE MAY 2011- From someone who visited with Landon: He is always smiling when surrounded by people and actively participates in the games. He loves music and watches the children shows on TV with great pleasure. He eats independently and learns with ease – he is very perceptive. He puts on and takes off his shoes independently, eats independently and drinks from a glass. He knows the children and serves them from bowls. He is able to scratch within the boundaries of the paper and likes to draw. He is able to pronounce syllables but he is not able to speak and articulate separate words yet, but the staff believes that he can learn to do this. Knowing the other children, when being told “bring Georgi”, he stands up and brings the child. He knows the difference between the clothes and the shoes of the other children, takes and arranges objects and as he is very impressionable he examines them with great interest.. He smiles, hugs the adults and is very communicative.
From his medical report:
Landon has had surgical treatment for GI issues and a ventral hernia. He wears glasses 2-3 hours a day. He walks, pushes toys, runs and climbs. He actively participates in games with other children and imitates what he sees the other children do. He turns the pages in a picture book, stacks blocks and places rings on a stick (a stacking toy).  He enjoys music class and will mimic the motions along with the other children.Landon is described as "very social". He answers to his name and will come when called and follows simple verbal instructions. He is making sounds and saying syllables but is not yet using words to communicate. He prefers the contact of adults and seeks out their attention.
We have many photos of Landon available, including a baby picture!

$244.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 

Please grab our Child of the Week Button for your blog. Each week this button will change to show the current week's child (you only need to add the button once to your blog). The children that will be featured will be ones with $0 or very low adoption grant funds. By hosting our Child of the Week button we are hoping to not only raise awareness for that particular child but also to hopefully raise the amount in their fund. These funds have proven to help families who would otherwise be qualified and able to adopt them, except for the cost of an international adoption, feel able to commit to bringing home and giving the precious gift of a family to these angels.

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