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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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"The Day I Will Never Forget" :: written by Genesis House

Genesis is 11 years old and her family just adopted two precious little ones, Gabe and Levi
Post reprinted by permission from The House Family Blog
Photos by Lindy House Photography

"The Day I Will Never Forget"

written by Genesis House

This morning we drove to the orphanage where Gabe and Levi have spent their 5-6 years of life. We're allowed to visit them twice a day. So first we went to Gabe's building and brought him outside, then my mom and I walked over to Levi's building/room... One of the nannies opened the door, we walked in and saw all of Levi's groupa sitting in what I call "the waiting room". As soon as they noticed us, the kids got so excited! Waving, smiling and laughing... The next thing I see is our little monkey walking out :) My mom and I got down on his level with arms wide open. Guess what he did? Hugged ME. (have I told you how much I love that kid??).

But the best part is still to come.

All of the nannies were taking the children outside... I wanted so badly to go with them! After we brought Levi outside to see his daddy and brother, we took him over to his groupa. Right when I set Levi down he ran to the other lil' ones... We had bubbles and of course a camera in our hands. They absolutely LOVED the bubbles and a couple of them got so hyper that we decided to put it away. We didnt want the nannies getting mad at us. Man were they upset! But after, I played with them and gave lots of hugs =) I wanted to take them all home!!

This little sweetie loved when I would take a picture and show it to her on the screen. She would point out who was in the photo smiling proudly

This little guy was craving attention

Levi's buddies

I especially wanted the little boy with down syndrome that Levi sat by most of the time.

I'm not sure what his name is but I would go tickle him, sit with him and he wanted to hold my hand. So sweet!

All of those special angels are just dying for love and attention! Levi's nannies are really nice. They let us take pictures and in fact, they were telling the kids to look and smile at the camera!

And that was the day I will never forget. The hugging, playing, and making those lonely children all smile and laugh was the best feeling.


Genesis wristband says "147 million" which is how many orphans there are that are waiting for a HOME

Genesis Holding Gabe


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