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The ABC's of learning...

This is one of those toys that is perfect for hours of educational enjoyment.   Before  you know it...your child will be an alphabet expert! 

What is it: The Melissa and Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book combines the fun of a puzzle while challenging a child to identify letters and objects that begin with each letter.

What does it do:  The Melissa and Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book is a magnetic, wooden, bound book with removable letter and picture pieces.  It promotes fine motors skills and reasoning skills by encouraging your child to match each letter with it's corresponding picture that begins with that same letter.  It's very durable and the magnetic pieces ensure that all the puzzle parts will remain securely in the book until your child is ready to play.

Where do I get one:  You can find this toy and the entire line of Melissa and Doug educational toys at Toys R Us.

How much does it cost:  $16.99

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