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School and Adoption...

Several common school assignments can make foster and adoptive children feel left out, uncomfortable, sad, and hurt. Projects like the ‘Family Tree’, ‘Bring-a-Baby Picture’ and ‘Trace Your Genetic Traits’ can be particularly difficult for students adopted at older ages; however, children adopted as infants and those living in foster care may also lack the information for some family-based assignments.

Adoption seems to me to be becoming more and more 'popular' or accepted. Adoptions are more open, kids know at a younger age, etc... Society HAS to become aware of how certain things that have always been done affect our kids. So many of them, those adopted internationally or through foster care or as older children have been through enough. With a little positive education, I believe that we as parents, can help make our children's school a safe place that does not unmindfully bring up painful reminders.

Adoption Awareness In School Assignments is a great resource for parents to share with their childs educator!

The above mentioned book, by Christine Mitchell will help you in approaching your child's educators and opening the way for them to understand the importance of their cooperation and awareness.

And just to encourage you more, this little book is downloadable, and it is free!! Just visit this page: DOWNLOAD HERE

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