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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Mother's Day...what is THAT?

Today is a really big day in the United's Mother's Day!   Today we all celebrate and honor our mothers and take time to be thankful for the gift of motherhood that we enjoy as well. 

But at , you will see the faces of some 300+ children who have no mother to call their own.  Because they were born with Down syndrome and other special needs, they have been discarded in orphanages and mental institutions around the world.  They don't know what a mother IS, a problem that we at Reece's Rainbow strive to remedy. 
These children have never known the hope of a future. Today is just another day they have to endure, trapped inside those same four walls.   They don't know the joy of siblings, the excitement of learning, not even the simplest pleasure of being able to walk through the grass in bare feet.  They don't even have access to the most basic of needs:  adequate nutrition, appropriate medical care, loving touches, or anyone who really cares if they survive or not.   Unless they are adopted, they will DIE ALONE, hidden away in those institutions, and it just doesn't have to be that way.

We have so many children on our site who already have *sizeable* adoption grants available towards the cost of their ransom.   Been thinking about adoption?  Wondering if the time is right for your family?  Celebrate Mother's Day in a very meaningful way by either donating or considering adoption yourself! 
You can view all of our waiting children at this link:     

But please look for and consider adopting these waiting children who already have large adoption grants!

  • Ilya, Down syndrome, $6000+
  • Dmitriy P, DS, $3600+
  • Sergei G, DS, $4000+
  • Andrey S, DS, $4900+
  • Artem K, DS, $4200+
  • Vilis, DS,$8400+
  • Sterling, DS, $11,000+
  • Alexander, DS, $5000+
  • Emory, DS, $6000+
  • Meredith, DS, $5000+
  • Oksana, DS, $4600+
  • Bridget, DS, $2400+
  • Celine, DS, $4300+
  • Nellie, DS, $5000+
  • Eddie, FAS & CP, $16,000+
  • Owen, Saethre-Chotzen syndrome, $2900+
  • Anthony, CP & TB+, $20,000+
  • Tanner, FAS & kidney problem, $20,000+
  • Sergey, CP, $5000+
  • Dmitriy, blind, $2200+
  • Mason, cranio-facial issues, $3000+
  • Easton, FAS & CP, $5000+
  • Jonah, Apert syndrome, $5200+
  • Sophia A, cleft palate & FAS, $3700+
  • Katerina, hydrocephalus, $5300+
  • Meade, HIV+, $2200+

May God bless all of you on this very special day!  Please pray for each of these children, that they too may have the opportunity to truly *celebrate* Mother's Day in 2012!  Please share this message with others you know who may be considering adoption. 

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Reece's Rainbow, and thank you for your gifts and advocacy efforts, that ALL of our children may have a mama of their own some day soon!

Andrea Roberts, and Reece!

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