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Little Hands Learn Big Person Skills...

This toy is perfect for rainy days.  My children all love it and still have not realized they are actually doing occupational therapy. 

What is it: The Little Hands Ready, Set, Cut! Kit from Alex Toys is unfathomably silly - what other kit is crazy enough to combine monsters, snakes, fairies and pigs? Featuring 8 colorful cutting projects.

What does it do: The Little Hands Ready, Set, Cut! Kit is specially designed to help kids develop their fine motor skills. With the Little Hands Ready, Set, Cut! Kit, kids follow the dotted lines to practice making spirals, circles, snips and strips! The Little Hands Ready, Set, Cut! Kit from Alex Toys also includes easy squeeze scissors, practice sheet and over 300 decorative stickers to fully enhance this early learning craft.  The Little Hands Ready, Set, Cut! Kit helps your child master fine motor skills by helping develope and strengthen the small muscles of the hand.   

Where do I get it:  You can find it online at ebeanstalk for $10.99 plus shipping

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