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All About the Number 5

In a few days time, we will begin the 5/5/5 Warrior Project. We still need volunteers to be warriors for some of our 5 year olds for this project which marks Reece's Rainbow's 5th year!
Amidst the beginning of this, one of our advocates contacted Reece's Rainbow about another little girl. Albina, here is what they said: 
Neither of us can explain why one night we came across Reece's Rainbow or how we ended up on Albina's picture captivated by her big dark eyes that simultaneously express sadness and determination. We think Albina somehow found us. As days passed, [my husband] nor I could stop thinking about this lonely, sweet baby who seemed to be calling for us to help her. We prayed for her and asked God how we could help. [My husband] and I decided we could hopefully raise enough money with the match campaign that somewhere a family who really wants this sweet baby, who is perhaps financially unable to adopt her will now be able to bring her home. This family would be the answer to our prayers and hopefully this assistance would be the answer to th theirs. 
We will pray everyday that everyone out there will donate, that somewhere a family is preparing to bring Albina home, that Albina will stay healthy and strong and that one day all of these children will have a place to call their forever home.

So, if someone makes a donation to Albina's fund this month, they'll match it -- and double your money.

If you can spare $10 for this little love, she'll really receive $20.

Albina's profile on Reece's Rainbow says she was born in September, 2007.  
This past week, we received an update picture of Albina for the Reece's Rainbow website!  Still no smile, still those soulful eyes.

Please, if you are willing to help -- spread the word!  Link to Albina from Facebook & your blog. You can donate directly on Reece's Rainbow or here.

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