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This train is bound for learning...

We LOVE this toy! It's the Vtech Sit-to-stand Alphabet Train. It is designed for babies and toddlers, but I have found that it really helps our adopted children learn colors, letters, and numbers in English. It is also great for my children who are not yet walking to help encourage them to stand.

What is it:  The Vtech Sit-to-stand Alphabet Train is  an electronic learning toy that teaches children letters, numbers, colors, songs, stories and more!  The Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train features 26 double-side letter blocks, a book with six turning pages, five colorful number buttons, one movable elephant character, a motion sensor, a ride-on carriage and a drop-space for sending the blocks from the train to the carriage. Use alone for floor play, push along as a walker, or attach to the carriage as a ride-on toy! With this learning toy, you can choose from two play modes for added fun: Walker Mode and Discovery Mode. 

What does it do:  The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train teaches children letter recognition using alphabet blocks and a story book.  Your child can look at the book, that is actually attached to the train so it won't get lost, and find the matching letter block.  All the alphabet blocks are made with different colors so it helps children learn to recognize and name colors.  There is also a piano on the side of the train.  The keys are numbered which helps with learning to count. 

The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train features differnt play modes so that children of all ages can learn and have fun with it. 

Where do I find it:  The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train is available at any store that sells Vtech product.  Some of the places that have this toy in stock are Walmart for $31.97 (on-line only), Amazon for $52.38, and Toys R Us for $49.99. 

Happy learning!

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