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The Missing Piece...

 What child doesn't love PUZZLES?  This is one of the greatest puzzle kits ever made.  It is the a line for Lauri called First Puzzles for Little Ones.  Currently, there are just two different styles...Familiar Things and Fit-A-Shape.

What do they do:  The Familiar Things kit will keep your child entertained for hours as they match shapes and identify common things like cat, dog, apple, boat and many  more. 

The Fit-A-Shape kit contains large, geometric shapes that are so easy to handle.  The colors both match and contrast with the puzzle frames.

Both the Familiar Things and the Fit-A-Shape kits help your child learn shape recognition, shape matching, and color and shape sorting.

Where do I find one:  Both puzzle kits are only available on line.  You can order Familiar Things and Fit-A-Shape puzzle kits through the Pacific Pediatric Supply Company. 

How much do they cost:
The Familiar Things kit is $19.95
The Fit-A-Shape kit is $14.95

Both kits will require additional shipping charges.

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