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Who's in that picture...Zatswho!

This is by far one of my most favorite toys. We received this as a gift when we were getting ready to travel for our adoption. We used pictures of family members to introduce our new children to their family while we were still in their country…it’s called Zatswho.

What is it: Zatswho is soft photo face recognition flashcards for young children. It’s a really great way for children to learn about their family members near and far. The flash cards are made out of a thin, flexible foam-like material. The cards are 4.5 X 6 and hold a 3.5 X 5 picture. It has a thin slit to slide your photo in and a piece of plastic which protects it.

Zatswho comes with 6 different color cards that each have a different shape on the back. Not only will your child learn the names and faces of loved ones, but they will also learn different colors and shapes. They are durable and easy to clean…I just wipe them off with a baby wipe. They come complete with a carrying case so they are easy to take anywhere.

What do they do: Zatswho teaches babies and children of all abilities…
*The importance of recognizing family and friends - identifying the special people in their lives and exploring different roles
*Critical basic skills such as face recognition, shape and color identification, and sequential thinking
*Language and memory development
*How to explore their own imaginations and express that to others!
*Preserve special memories - holidays, vacations, and other meaningful moments becoming a baby keepsake!

Developmental processes promoted

• Matching
• Visual Discrimination
• Hand and Finger Grasp
• Language Development
• Memory and Recall
• Visual Processing
• Visual Attention
• Color Recognition and Identification
• Object Recognition and Identification

Where do I get it:  It is only available online.  You can check them out here!

What does it cost:  $15.95 which includes 6-10 pieces

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