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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Kirill's Rainbow

Kirill's story has been passed all over Facebook and the entire cyber outlets, bloggers, email.... In a situation that has left us all feeling personally offended, it is so inspiring to see "one family of advocates" come together to support the life of this child.

But your efforts go so much further than just sweet Kirill....this is a global social statement, a major concern for the human rights of all children with Down syndrome and special needs around the world. It is no secret that countries throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America have yet to understand the true value and potential of children with Down syndrome. Never has that been more evident than in this case. Atrocities of neglect, abuse, malnourishment happen everywhere, even in the US. Reece's Rainbow tries desperately to change that one adoption at a time. 500+ children have benefited from those efforts over the last five years. That is nothing to sneeze at! The truth always finds it's way to the top.

Being unaware of a child's potential, or not comprehending why a family would choose to raise a child with disabilities is one thing....that is just ignorance and lack of understanding. But to openly deny a child his chance to have a forever family *because he has Down syndrome* is a violation of his basic human rights. (it's no different than testing and terminating prenatally, but that is another story) To look Kirill in the face and tell him "no, sorry, you're better off in a mental institution for the rest of your life", while his family is STANDING THERE....I just don't even have words for that. Not anger, but disbelief...utter disbelief. I know the forces of good will endure here. I have to hold on to that. God is watching all of this, He is watching to see what we all do as a community to fight for the rights and life of this child and all of those he represents on a global level. This is Kirill's Rainbow for this moment in time....

A few other really important things I want to STRESS to everyone who reads this:

  1. Be GRACIOUS in your advocacy. This is not a lynching. Remember that you represent God, the United States of America, Reece's Rainbow, the Davis family, Kirill, and all of those orphans who are still waiting to be adopted.
  2. Show them the true heart of God. Show them we will fight for Kirill's life but not be an emotional blubbering mess about it. :)
  3. Facts are what win these battles.....the fact is that 500+ children are thriving in their new forever families. The fact is that every other region in Russia has been *most* supportive of our efforts, even the most skeptical ones. The fact is that this judge is painfully ignorant of the truth.
  4. Five children with Down syndrome have already been adopted from Russia through Reece's Rainbow. (45) more are in various stages of the adoption process. 100+ more are still waiting for grant donations and families of their own.
  5. This is an opportunity to THANK those in-country coordination teams, our agency partners, the orphanage directors, and those regional officials for having the heart to give these kids a *chance*. This is an opportunity to recognize them for just doing the right thing. This is a time to publicly applaud those people in Ukraine, Bulgaria, China, Serbia for believing in this ministry and what it stands for.

This judge in one small region of Russia went out of her way to document why Kirill should not be allowed out of that institution. Her reasoning was more focused on his being a burden on their existing family than what is in HIS best interest. It's not her job to determine the burden, that is the job of their licensed home study social worker. Their own in-country social workers, orphanage staff, and caregivers all strongly support Kirill's adoption. I can't help but feel that her judgment is clouded by some personal experience in her life. She clearly believes she is making the right decision, I do not believe she is just being evil-hearted. There is still just this overwhelming feeling of "Why!? WHY????" If she herself is not willing to take him home and raise Kirill as her own son, then she has a responsibility to him to make it possible for someone else to do so.

Tesney Davis is a dear friend of mine, and a sister in Christ. God is using her and Greg to wage a battle for the ages. We need her (and Kirill) to know that we are all in this fight together. We bring an armada of love, truth, and positive proof to this judge in Pskov. Keep your prayers coming, bring the media to this for the benefit of Kirill and every other child with Down syndrome who still needs a forever family of their own!

Andrea Roberts, Executive Director
Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

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