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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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The Beauty of Tax Season - Donate or adopt....your choice!

Turn your tax refund into a
life-altering gift
 for an orphan with Down syndrome or other special needs!  

  1. Sponsor a waiting child's grant fund
  2. Donate to our Voice of Hope fund
  3. ADOPT!

In only 5 years, more than (500+) orphans have found their forever families through Reece's Rainbow.  More than $1 million in adoption grants have been disbursed to bring these children home!   Your gifts make that possible.

  More than $500,000 in adoption grant funding is available right now to American and Canadian families!  Combine your tax refund with the available adoption grant funds through Reece's Rainbow to bring a child with Down syndrome or other special needs into your family.

My name is Oksana!
I have a $4400 grant towards the cost of my adoption!
My name is Kyle! 
 I only have $42 in my grant fund :(  Won't you help me grow it so I can find my forever family?

My name is Zara!  I have a $2500 grant towards the cost of my adoption.

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