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It's a Whole New Ball Game...

How many of you spend tons of money on "educational" toys...the toys that professionals promise will stimulate your child with special needs...only to find that all the child is interested in is the box. I, too, have searched for toys that would provide not only entertainment for my children, but also provide stimulation in the areas where they are weak. I have found that with my adopted children one of the areas that needs the most attention is those sensory areas. I have found the perfect toy for that...the Tangiball!

What is it? Tangiball is perfect sensory issues by stimulates all your child's senses at ONCE...your child can squeak it, squeeze it, sniff (yes, I said sniff), roll it, and even kick it for gross motor development. It's available in two sizes...4 inch blue tangiball that has a vanilla scent and a 7 inch red tangiball that has a strawberry scent.

How does it work? It's texture, smell and color stimulates all of your child's senses.

Smell: The tangiball smells SO rubbery ball smell from this cool toy. It's yummy vanilla and strawberry scents appeals to your child's sense of smell.

Sounds: Squeeze it...the harder you squeeze it, the louder the squeaking noise. My kids love to squeeze it until it's flat. One of the neat things about it is it also squeaks as it is re-inflating itself. They think that is so cool.

Touch: The surface of the tangiball is covered in soft...yet sturdy...nubs which aid any size hands in catching, carrying, and holding the tangiball. It satisfies that pleasure when it's explored with not only the hands...but also the mouth. It's perfect for teething babies...and it can take the abuse.

Where do I find it? Tangiball is made by Discovery Toys and can be ordered through their website.

How much does one cost? 4" blue tangiball $12.50 and 7" red tangiball $15.00

*I have also seen them on ebay and amazon for a little bit cheaper

Overall...I am excited to have found a toy that is played with more than the box it came it. My children with special needs have benefited from the sensory stimulation of the the tangiball and never even realized it. Who says therapy can't be fun!

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